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The Importance of Product Labels to Package

Nowadays, package is needed in the circulation of products in all walks of life. As for products marketing, the enterprises especially in FMCC industry, put more and more emphasis on the quality, appearance and environmental function of products. While the label is the key of products packaging which shows the complete information, displays the appearance effect and also represents the characteristic of product.

For the labels in products package, there are two respects of requirements. On the one hand, the high quality should be necessary. It requires no fold, no bubble, no scratch, no burrs, no leak ink, no ink impurity and no warped edge. And it must be precious printing and good fit. On the other hand, the new requirement is from modern technology age, bearing more introduction information. Enterprises get used to taking advantages of the form to print QR code on the label to show more except the product information, such as the brand story, the promotional information of same kind of products and so on. Also, some enterprises make use of AR technology to let more consumers become more familiar with the products. Through scanning the product labels, the movie or photo files are played back, which makes consumers feel immersive.

Is it appropriate to judge whether the labels are good enough or not by the expensive price or cost? Not really. It truly depends on the brand positioning and the outstanding characteristic. The higher degree of brand positioning and more outstanding characteristic, the better the labels are. Of course, now the labels are chosen finitely by the product profitability indicators. So, the enterprises need to balance many aspects including the craftsmanship, cost and the material of the labels etc. 

Otherwise, through RFID technology, the labels will become the carrier of huge collection data including the consumers’ data, all channels of logistics data and so on, which is on behalf of the important resources in an enterprise, so as to open up the market furtherly.

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