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Surface Finishing - The Key to Personal Care Labels

The label industry, such as embossed, flexo, offset, gravure, digital printing and screen printing have their own advantages. However,surface finishing process is vital to personal care labels.

Label in the surface finishing has a lot of options, such as hot stamping laser imprint transfer, polishing, lamination, embossing and so on.

Hot stamping is the most attractive process in labeling.

Polishing and laminating are the most common processes of labeling and finishing. 

Polishing and laminating 

In addition to increasing the brightness of the label, it is important to to protect the printing ink layer from scraping and grinding function. The brightness of lamination is more resistant and wearable than polish’s.

The beauty of polish is to combine glossy varnishing and matte varnishing. 


When polish can not achieve the required brightness, super-calendering uses the principle of BOPP lamination of its flatness the printing of varnish after the use of cold The device is compounded with the BOPP film and then cured, and the BOPP lamination is rewound for use in the next re-use using the rewinding system of the cold-hot device.

Screen version of the three-dimensional polish 

It has three main features. Firstly, the brightness of the screen version of the varnish is much larger than ordinary Varnish. Secondly, the screen coating can be a concavity three-dimensional. The screen Varnish coating can be achieved on the multi-color screen version of the effect of color printing. Thirdly, the lamination material can be formed on the extrusion effect. 

With the above three functions, screen polish in the field of personal care labels is very common.

Reverse polishing 

It is very common on carton packaging.

The strength of lamination  

In the label industry, most of lamination is covered with PP, including glossy lamination and matte lamination.When the glossy varnishing can not meet the brightness and matt requirements, the lamination is the most effective way.  Also it can increase the wearable resistance and stiffness of labels.

Polishing or gold foil hot stamping after lamination  

PP lamination’s wearability is better than the glossy varnishing. It is necessary to meet the wearable requirements, but also meet the requirement of Glossy Spot UV and Matt Spot UV. You must do this special Surface finishing process. It depends on customer needs.


In summary, we need to customize labels for every customers.




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