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Solving Common Problems in Using Labels (二)

The Sticker Scrap Edge Fracture


With the development of our national economy, labels have been used in various fields. In this article,we will share the problems of sticker scrap edge fracture encounted in the production process and the corresponding solutions.


Reason 1 :  low tensile strength of the material

The paper fiber of some material such as light paper , also known as adhesive paper, is relatively short and relatively fragile. It is easy to break in the die-cutting waste discharge process, for the tensile strength of sticker scrap edge is lower than the printer waste discharge tension. 

If it occurs, you need to minimize the printer waste discharge tension. If the printer of the waste discharge has been transferred to a minimum but still can not solve the problem, then you need to design the waste row more widely in the early process design, in order to ensure that it will not appear frequent sticker scrap edge separation the die-cutting process.

Reason 2.  unreasonable design process or too slim sticker scrap edge

At present market, a number of variable information printing labels are with vitual cutter line which is easy to tear. This die-cutting process has high requirement for label material. If it isn’t meet, this problem will occur. The following ways can be references:

(1) adjust the proportion of vitual knife. Generally speaking, the more intensive the vitual line cut arrangement , the easier the sticker scrap edge fracture.

(2) Remove the part of the vitual cutter line beyond the label border.

Reason 3. Raw material Crack

Adhesive material crack is also easy to cause sticker scrap edge fracture . It should be noted that some of the the adhesive material edge crack is too small to find, so it need to be found by observed carefully. Encountered such problems, you can remove the bad material and then die cutting the left material.


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