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Solving Common Problems in Using Labels (-) 

Label Warped and Solutions

Labeling Warped is the problem label users often encounter, divided into warped immediately after stick and labeling warped after sticking 

24 hours.

Labeling warped immediately, that is, not sticky.

While the reasons of labeling warped after sticking 24 hours is more complex as following:


1. Choosing too strong adhesive material to stick leads to labeling warped

The small bottle is so called of diameter less than 30mm.

Charmza ususally suggests to choose strong sticky labels. Its adhesion in the bottle is much larger than the label surface material elasticity 

itself to resist the deformation, so that to make sure no labeling warped.


2. Poor sticky label leads to labeling warped

As usual there is no problem if the label produced by new material, but some problems will occur if the label produced

 by renew material, or some stock labels haven’t used for a long time. 

Charmza suggests to choose the label supplier like us who offers high and stable quality of labels.



3. The poor cohesion of adhesive causes labeling warped

The labels don’t warp after sticking 24 hours, but it warps afer stocking for sometime. Usually it is because of the poor cohesion of adhesive, which leads to the adhesive to be broken by the deflection tension of face stock and some residual adhesive in the pasted objects.

Charmza recommends asking the adhesive material supplier to test whether the cohesion of the adhesive meets its quality standards.


4. Unsuitable process setting leads to labeling warped

If the labels are overlapped, it is not recommended to using polishing process for the the varnish itself contains a certain silicone oil composition.

Charmza recommends to using the coating process.


5. Unreasonable usage by customers leads to labeling warped

Some customers will immediately place the label in a very low temperature cold storage.

Some customers will take out the object from the cold storage, then place the label on the object surface which still has condensed water in it.

Some customers will place the labels on the outdoor steel or iron plate or in the dusty environment.

We Charmza is a professional label manufacturer. Whether label manufacturers or end users, should choose the most suitable labes base on the actual application .


If you do not understand the relevant knowledge, find us please. We can provide the most suitable adhesive material according to the specific needs.


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